Hey! The Dogs Need You

Dog. Newark Street Dog Park, Washington, DC
We’re counting on you! Newark Street Dog Park, Washington, DC. Copyright, 2012, Newark Street Park K-9 Friends. All rights reserved.

As a patron of the Newark Street Dog Park, you enjoy a clean and safe dog park that is opened daily for you. Dog-waste bags are supplied; waste cans are emptied; any holes that dogs dig are filled; and the facility is sanitized twice weekly with a non-toxic disinfectant spray. Even non-dog owners enjoy visiting our site. How lucky we all are to have such a great dog park!

You may not be aware that the Newark Street Park K-9 Friends group is responsible for this maintenance and for the repair and improvements to our neighborhood dog park at Newark and 39th streets. We partner with the Department of Parks and Recreation: They built the dog park for us and we are responsible for its upkeep, which includes the daily operations of opening and closing the dog park every day.

But the only way we can continue to maintain our beautiful facility is with YOUR ONGOING FINANCIAL SUPPORT and by YOUR VOLUNTEERING to be part of the team that locks/unlocks the dog-park gates. We depend on your tax-deductible donations and your time as a volunteer to help with closing the dog park each night and opening/closing it on weekends.


The Newark Street Park K-9 Friends (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) has a fundraising goal of $15,000, which will support daily maintenance, upkeep, and repairs, as well as make upgrades, such as solar lighting for better illumination, possible. Your $50 annual membership fee for individuals ($90 for a family membership) will go a long way toward keeping the Newark Street Dog Park a quality experience for you and for the dogs that enjoy this great community amenity. Additional donations are always welcome.

You can help financially by sending a check to:
Newark St Park K-9 Friends
PO Box 5415
Washington, DC 20016

Or by clicking on this donate button:


(With a minimum $50 donation, you will receive a 2013 Newark Street Dog Park Calendar — featuring many of the dogs that run and play at the dog park.)


Our Volunteers, Contributors, and Sponsors are Great!

Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration was a big success and most of all fun for the people and the pouches.  Many thanks to all the volunteers for their time, Newark Street Park K-9 Friends members, other contributors and our wonderful sponsors who supported the event,  came out to celebrate with us at the park, or both.

Watch for a special tribute to our volunteers in the coming days.

In the mean time, check this out impressive list of people and businesses that are helping to keep the gate open at our dog park:

Silver Sponsors $1000+

Friendship Hospital For Animals

Happy Paws

Bronze Sponsors $500+

ProFeed Pet Nutrition Center (DC)

Carin Ruff

Sue Ruff

In-Kind Donation Sponsors

Agi Kiss
Al Dente Ristorante (Karen Audia Shannon)
Brambles (Sharon Prophet)
Cactus Cantina
Café Ole Mediterranean Bistro
Coffee Nature
Dalton Brody
Dog Child Dog Walking and Petcare
Eivind and Hans of Georgetown
Ellen Wagner
Ernesto’s Hairstyling (Adriana)
George Kassouf
Jane Macleish Landscapes
Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers (DC)
Juan Jaysingh
Kathy Silva
Katja Turnsek
Ken Nickell
Lili Chin
Madeleine Albright
Michael Gessner
Nancy Lopez
Petco (DC)
PetMac Marketplace & Adoption Center (DC)
ProFeed Nutrition Centers (DC)
Rock Creek Limosine (Frank Crain)
Savage River Lodge
Sheila Tacon
Shemali’s Middle Eastern Market
Sport & Health Club (Tenley)
Wagamuffin Pet Care
Zoolatry (Kathy Murray)
Xiu Xiu Nail Spa