The Park Needs Your Help!

Membership and Donation Drive

July 13, 2013

9:30 – 11:00 A.M.

Newark Street Dog Park

(39th and Newark Streets, NW)


#1 MYTH:

The City daily maintains and operates the Newark Street Dog park to include
opening/closing gates, picking up dog waste; cleaning out waste cans; disinfection; filling in holes dug by dogs; waters new trees/landscape

#1 FACT:

The Newark Street Dog Park is solely maintained and operated the Newark Street Park K9 Friends (a 501 c 3 organization) & survives by your donations to meet its$15,000 annual budgetary needs, which includes paying for dependable daily maintenance & opening for daily use.

#2 MYTH:

The City immediately pays for all repairs/replacements (e.g. water faucets/resurfacing/broken gate lock, broken waste cans;). The City currently provides for adequate lighting thus making it possible to use the dog park after dusk.


Your ANNUAL membership fees & donations have paid for all emergency repairs (new water faucet, surface re-grading, and retrofitting drinking fountain. Any future modernization of gate locks, new solar lighting, and previous donations paid for benches, drinking fountain, and shade shelter. Your financial support is paramount in making this Dog Park a safe, clean, and enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

#3 MYTH:

The Newark Street Dog Park K9 Friends is self-sustaining and can function without the aid of volunteers.

#3 FACT:

Like so many non-profit organizations that are operated and maintained by local
community groups, we solely depend on the kindness & goodwill of volunteers and need many, many more community-oriented people to close the dog park at dusk, and open/close on weekends as well as have the need for help with quarterly cleanups. Local volunteers were responsible for working with the City to establish this wonderful facility. WE NOW NEED NEW & ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEERS. THIS IS YOUR DOG

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