Park Updates!!

Good Afternoon NSDP Park Friends!

Here is a quick note to update the community about the park:

The board is working with DC Department of Parks and Recreation to assess the needs for resurfacing at all of the parks. DPR is at the bidding stage of the process so it can, by estimation, take upwards of 3-5 months from now to the completion of the project.

The parts have been ordered to fix the water faucet and we hope to have it fixed by no later than next week.

We are planning a Spring Fundraiser for (tentatively) May 3rd. We’ll have a dog agility course, some friendly competitions, educational opportunities, food, and prizes from local restaurants and stores. Check back soon for a list of those community businesses supporting the event. The proceeds from this fundraiser will pay for the new water faucet and support monthly operational costs like regular disinfection.

Thanks for your patience and support! Play on!

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