NSDP Community Discussion: Park Upgrades


The NSDPK9F board has been working hard to maintain, and even improve, the state of our park. It is an unfortunate reality that D.C. does not have the manpower to adequately maintain every inch of their park land. As such it is important for the community to play a role in the upkeep. To that end we have some plans in mind on which we would like your input.

The black storage box has lost its legs so we will be removing it within the coming month and installing a new shed in the East entrance for all of our tools (and secret stash of tennis balls). This is possible due to the generous donations from our wonderful community!

The board, Casey Trees, and their DC DPR contact are planning a tree planting within the coming month that will eventually increase the canopy in the area. The additional trees will be planted along the perimeter of the exterior of the park. One tree may actually be IN the park and we would like your input on that. Good idea? Bad idea?

In place of the black box that we love to sit on we would like to install a new bench (which would be right next to the tree). This is an item we will need to seek sponsorship and or have a fundraiser for.

Please take some time to weigh in on these upgrades and feel free to suggest anything additional. We are still waiting on our contractor to take care of the surfacing issue but trust that it is one of our priorities.

Thanks for your support!

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