Second Call for Volunteers

Friends of the park,

One of our responsibilities, as the board, is to make sure the park is locked at night and opened in the morning. One of our duties, as community members, is to support the resources that we utilize. To that end we depend heavily on our base of volunteers to help us care for the park. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of gate volunteers, none of which are available to take care of opening/closing this weekend. If we do not get a volunteer the park will remain closed until the next volunteer cycle (Sunday morning).

As a volunteer all you have to do is: meet the previous week’s volunteer on Sunday morning at 8am to collect the keys; close the park at dark that Sunday through Saturday; and open that Saturday at 8. This is only a week long commitment that you can even share with a friend and the more volunteers we have the less often we have to call upon you to assist.

We definitely understand that people are very busy and it can be difficult to make the time but we implore you to help us out if you can spare the 20 minutes for a week.

Thanks for listening and if you are able to volunteer you can send us an email to

Newark Street Park k9 Friends

One thought on “Second Call for Volunteers

  1. Call me to meet the previous volunteer. To get the keys. I can take care of the park this week end. 740-274-2518

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