Good Dog. Newark Street Dog Park, Washington, DC.
Be a good dog, be a good human…follow the rules. Newark Street Dog Park, Washington, DC. Copyright 2012, Newark Street Park K-9 Friends. All rights reserved.

Usage of the Newark Street Dog Park is subject to the following Rules and Regulations, pursuant to DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR), Chapter 7, Title 19 (Amusements, Parks and Recreation):

1.  When using the Dog Park, handlers shall ensure that each of the dogs within their control is wearing current tags as follows: (1) Rabies Vaccination tag, (2) DC Dog Registration tag.

2.  The Dog Park is open only during posted hours (Mon-Fri 7 am to 9 pm and Sat-Sun and holidays 8 am to 9 pm Park closes at 7:30 p.m. in winter).

3.  Handlers must not allow their dog(s) to enter the park if it is at the posted capacity (22 dogs). When capacity is reached within the Dog Park and others are waiting, handlers must limit their stay to thirty (30) minutes.

4. Handlers must leash dogs at all times except when they are inside the Dog Park. All dog(s) must be leashed when entering the dog park and prior to leaving the dog park. Spike and/or choke collars are not allowed on dogs in the Dog Park.

5. Handlers must (a) clean up after their dog(s); (b) control excessive barking; (c) never let their dogs out of their sight or vocal control; and (d) leash dogs at the first sign of aggression or unruliness.

6. The following are not allowed in the dog park: (a) Dogs that are in heat; (b) dogs under four months of age; and (c) dogs (and/or owners) who have been banned by the Newark Street Dog Park Board (d) dogs declared dangerous or potentially dangerous by the Government of the District of Columbia.

7. No more than three (3) dogs per handler are permitted at one time in the Dog Park.

8. Report all animal bites (regardless of severity) to the DC Animal Control at (202) 576-6664 within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident.

9. An attending adult must closely supervise all children under age sixteen (16). Please do not allow your children to run, climb the fences, jump on tables/benches,or otherwise instigate the dogs. Dogs can be unpredictable and we want your children to be safe.

Other Newark Dog Park Rules:

  • Do not bring bikes, scooters, strollers, or any other wheeled vehicle/toy into the park. This rule does not apply to wheelchairs or other types of mobility aids.
  • Please do not bring children into the park if you do not have a dog with you. You are welcome to observe the dogs from outside and over the fence line.

Violations of these rules may be reported to 911 or, for non-emergency matters, to When reporting a violation, please be as specific as possible including the time and date, a description of the dog(s) and handler, and the nature of the violation.

Newark Street Park K-9 Friends is the sponsoring dog park group primarily responsible for enforcement of these rules, with the assistance of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, the DC Metropolitan Police Department and other DC agencies.  Newark Street Park K-9 Friends reserves the right: (1) to suspend or ban individual dog owners and/or individual dogs from use of the dog park in the case of persistent or repeated violations of these rules; and, (2) without prior notice to modify these rules.


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